White After Labor Day & Defying Mean Girls.

a4 copyI dislike referencing the “no white after Labor Day” rule, even as a joke, because it’s so outdated. A handful of society women came up with this silly rule in the late 1800’s as an inside joke to distinguish old money from new money. It was a total Mean Girl move. For some reason, the rule endured, gaining support from ladies magazines in the 1950s. Mind. Boggling.

I think I have found the perfect red lipstick, even though it was in my makeup bag all along. It’s Revlon.

White After Labor Day & Defying Mean Girls via StyleLogical White After Labor Day & Defying Mean Girls via StyleLogical

Excuse my gross toes. It’s been a while since my last pedicure. 

So, if there are people out there still following this rule, or even pretending this rule exists, wear white immediately. Just don’t wear it to a wedding (now that’s a rule I’m fully behind). Mean girls made this up a long time ago to make other girls feel excluded. Gross!

Also, a side note to this all white outfit: I was in a hurry to find something to wear to Tacoma’s First Night / Diner En Blanc party, so I hit up Nordstrom Rack the day before. I bought EVERYTHING but the sunglasses and the bag at The Rack, and even a white pair of jeans for $150 bucks the day before. I know shopping there is inexpensive, but I was prepared to pay $300 for all that. I exclaimed that to the checker and she goes “Bless your heart, you’re at The Rack girl.”

White After Labor Day, All From Nordstrom Rack

White + gold bangle: 9.97 from 38.00 / BCBG Max Azria skirt: 16.97 from 138.00 / Joe’s Jeans: 49.98 from $165.00 / White shirt: 26.97 from 69.95 / Cincher slip: 9.97 from 22.00 / Resin cuff bracelet: 12.97 / Tildon heels: 24.48 from 97.95

My total, before tax: 151.31 / Full price total: 543.87 / I saved: 392.56

<3 Alexis

Photos by Sarah of Lady Go Lightly

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  1. My favorite red lipstick is a Revlon one too! It’s from the vintage line that they brought back for a while. They even put it in the same looking tube as they had in the 50s. I love the rack, last week I bought 3 bras (2 natori, 1 calvin klein) a pair of dkny panties, baby boy joe’s jeans, and an adorable sheer evening shirt dress all for $103!

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