What’s That Smell? Signature Scents for Luxurious Hipsters.

Commodity Goods perfume via StyleLogical

Everybody has a signature scent. What’s yours? I gravitate between fruity floral and a rich musk (sounds hot, right?). My point is, you need a scent that’s uniquely you, suits your moods, looks as good as it smells, and doesn’t evoke the aroma of mass manufactured, over-processed celebrity garbage. Commodity Goods and their perfumes pass all the StyleLogical tests: they’re luxurious but simple, smell delicious, and are a bit quirky. With scents named “Paper,” “Wood,” and “Whiskey,” it’s like catnip for hipsters. Luxurious hipsters.

By luxurious I mean understatement, elegance, and premium ingredients. And by hipsters, I really mean tastemakers. Commodity uses carefully selected French heritage parfums and is bottled in California.

Since opening my blog, I have written about very few products. I don’t like to pimp anything out unless it’s something I’d actually buy (although that’s what they all say). In full disclosure, Commodity sent me a full sample fitting kit and these three scents in exchange for a review, which I am very happy to do.

Commodity Goods perfume via StyleLogicalTHE PROCESS

This is where Commodity stands out. Yes, the branding and packaging is highly Pin-able and Instagram-able, but more importantly, you get to try before you buy. STEP 1. Choose a fitting kit (women’s or men’s). It’s a ton of samples for $9, but the shipping is free (and quick too!), and they’ll credit you the $9 toward your full size order. STEP 2. Choose your favorite scents. They give you cute little note cards to rate them–I made it a party and organized them in little tea cups, ranging from favorite to least favorite.  STEP 3. Order a full size. You can either order a Trio (three 10 ml sprays) for $48 or The 100 (100 ml) for $108.


Mimosa | Commodity Goods perfume via StyleLogical

Mimosa. The boozey scents really are the best, as you you can tell by my selections. Mimosa is my daytime floral and fruity pick suited for the girly side of my personality. Champagne bubbles and flowers, bitches!

Gin | Commodity Goods perfume via StyleLogical

Gin. This was my husband MJ’s favorite. When he drinks, he prefers to class it up and have a nice glass of gin. I think he just likes this one because of the base notes of patchouli, sandalwood, and musk–his favorites. It sounds heavy, but this scent is musky in a clean way.

Pinot | Commodity Goods perfume via StyleLogicalPinot smells like a hot, sexy old lady. It’s very nostalgic and musky, but in a way that is very appealing. Don’t believe me? This scent got full approval from my picky husband.

Dear Commodity, don’t change a thing. However, please take the following scent suggestions into consideration when brainstorming your next line: 1. Leather. 2. Waffles. 3. Pie.

Photos and review by Alexis Sargent

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