Warm and Fuzzies in the PNW

Pacific Northwest fashion + style | via Style Logical

The Pacific Northwest. This is not New York and it’s not LA. Weather wise, we don’t have eternal sunshine (more like eternal gray 8 months out of the year), and Seattle proper barely gets enough snow to stick on its wet sidewalks. Attitude wise, we’re a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll–we have too much nature to be anything but. However, Seattle is different still from where I’m from. I cover Seattle fashion, but I’m really a small town girl (I live about an hour away).

When I shot this, as the sun was getting ready to set, the commuter train had just unloaded its passengers coming home from their work days in the big city. One minute I was standing in the middle of a deserted small town pavillion as the local shopkeepers were closing up for the day (5:30 p.m.). The next minute, loads of people trickled from the train station to their cars and their homes, surrounding the empty plaza where I stood. At first I was embarrased by the sillyness of it all–me in fluffy marabou shoes, posing in front of a camera like I think I’m so cool, like I’m a wannabe fashion blogger or something. I imagined the passersby would scoff and wonder who does this girl thinks she is?– but I quickly dismissed that thought (the same one I get every time I shoot). What I do may be silly, but it’s part of my creativity. This is who I am.

I’m a small town girl who loves fashion and the energy of city life. New York City is my favorite place to visit in the world. I love how I can get lost in the crowd. I love that walking around in a leather pencil skirt and bright green Nike sneakers is the most normal thing you could ever do. But I also love the quiet and solitude of my hometown. I don’t love the strip malls, chain restaurants, and the normalcy of Crocs with pajama bottoms and North Face jackets around here (sorry, that was low), but I create my own beauty. It’s not just the outfits and photography, it’s in a lazy, quiet “Waffle Weekend” with my husband, it’s in stopping by my Nana’s for dinner each Wednesday, and even catching up with old friends at the local pizza place. I’ve decided to find beauty in every place and to be myself in every place. And while I love to travel, I’m glad the Pacific Northwest is my home.

Pacific Northwest fashion + style | via Style Logical

Pacific Northwest fashion + style | via Style LogicalPacific Northwest fashion + style | via Style Logical

This is my husband’s Field & Stream shirt I thrifted (from Urban X Change in Tacoma). He wears it while working on cars with his friends on cold Saturdays and I steal it occasionally.

Pacific Northwest fashion + style | via Style Logical

Pacific Northwest fashion + style | via Style Logical

In my Fall Wardrobe Wishlist I posted that I really wanted marabou stripper shoes. These cost me around $25 and I love how silly they are. They are made in China and they stink horribly of glue, but they added just the right amount of texture and whimsy to my laid-back plaid outfit.

Pacific Northwest fashion + style | via Style Logical

Pacific Northwest fashion + style | via Style Logical

Wearing: thrifted Field & Stream from Urban X Change, 14th and Union shirt from Nordstrom Rack, gifted arrow necklace, Paige Jeans, white ostrich leather bag stolen from my mom a few years ago, $20 stripper shoes from Amazon.


Photos by Cassidy Stone

  1. I love the Maribou shoes- I thrifted some black ones a few weeks back and wear them around like it aint’ no thang! Love how you’re rocking them! Will do a compare and contrast one of these days 😉

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