Throwback: A Stroll In Tartan

A Stroll In Tartan | StyleLogical

Fall is just ending, so I thought before we move into winter, I’d take a minute to reminisce about fall’s great beauty and moments that have passed.

I can’t even remember when this photo was taken. It must be three years ago, when I cut my hair off (I cut it even shorter) and before my dog Murphy grew into Jabba The Hutt. This was a shoot for Urban X Change’s Etsy store, shot by a friend. I have no idea why I brought my shivering, needy dog to an outdoor photo shoot, but I’m glad I have this photo of us. It reminds me of when I was in college and I’d bring him to production nights for the school paper every other weekend. He’d sit on my lap or in his little doggy bed for hours and hours while I worked, content just to be chillin’ beside me. I love that boy, and as a side note, I really really love that tartan cape.

Photo by AJ Ragasa


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