The Sunday Best | NYFW, Fall Fashion & Summer’s End

The Sunday BestSundays were made for white, fluffy, unmade beds, waking up late, and catching up on the news (and maybe some chores) of the week. That’s why I’m starting this weekly feature, The Sunday Best, which is a collection of my favorite stories since last Sunday. Maybe I’ll add a favorite shopping pick down the road, but here is what I’m enjoying this week:

13 Fashion Week Showgoers Misunderstand The Concept of Sleeves by Buzzfeed. YES. I could rant about this for days, but this is the most illogical trend of them all. Sleeves are there for a REASON. Put your arms in them or wear a freaking vest!

How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans by StyleLogical

New York Fashion Week | Anna Wintour, Spotted by StyleLogical

Seattle Fall Fashion Calendar by Seattle Boutique Blogspot

End Of Summer Blackberry Pie by Lady Go Lightly

If you’re a blog who would like to submit links to be considered to this column, please email me at Of course, dear readers, I’ll only recommend links and posts I genuinely enjoy.

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