The #MothersOffDuty Philosophy

The #MothersOffDuty Philosphy This is my fourth time leaving the house without my kid since his birth 8 weeks ago. It’s the second trip that’s not to Target and the first trip with both makeup and nice hair. In this moment I feel triumphant. Victorious. Although that could be the 8 oz mocha talking (my first in a year and I’m cracked out). Anyway, making myself look “good” is just not a daily priority for me right now. I need to stick to the tried and true so I can throw something together and know I look presentable without my usual over-analysis in the mirror. I need a uniform. My friend Sarah and I met up for a coffee and blog-brainstorming date. Afterwards, she came up with the hashtag #mothersoffduty to describe our excursion into the real world without our kids. It’s the perfect phrase to describe my uniform fixation as well as my refreshed plan for Style Logical. The philosophy is this: simplify things–because ain’t nobody got time fo dat. Coffee The notion of uniformity and paring-back is something I want to focus on even more. An abundance of outfit posts is no longer relevant to my perspective. Instead of strictly fashion, it’s important to me to apply the notion of logical style to other aspects of life. Take for example these photos of my coffee date. Clean lines. A simplified color palette. Tinted moisturizer and bronzer. My go-to coffee order at my go-to bakery. It’s all about refining my life so I can savor the moments that matter, like couch snuggle time with the hubs and the babe or hours-long bitch-fests with a best friend (muy importante). Editing photos also needs to go out the window. Just like makeup on my face, hours spent color correcting and editing photos is a big wad of fat that can be trimmed from my routine. None of these photos were edited, because a) I (luckily) got the lighting right in the moment and b) I wanted to do things like eat cheesecake with TWO HANDS while Rowan slept. My time is valuable. Coffee and notes The #MothersOffDuty PhilosphyThere is no way to simplify my hair routine (it takes forever no matter what). Instead, I only style it once or twice a week and make it last as long as possible. Blueberry muffin and coffee The #MothersOffDuty PhilosphySarah’s shnazzy gold Birkenstocks and polka dotted notebook make an appearance. I’m diggin it. Artsy coffeeThe #MothersOffDuty PhilosphyAwkward photo, but I wanted to get the boots in there! Flat over-the-knee boots are so useful in fall and winter because they flatter the leg and go with almost and dress you can throw on. Plus, they’re not as hoe-y looking as heeled thigh-high boots. Black is also a no-brainer for my uniform. Not only does it “disguise” my post-baby physique (I’m packing an extra 13-20 lbs more than I’m used to), it’s a classic neutral that’s frankly hard to mess up. I want to look good without thinking about it. IMG_9565Photos by Alexis Sargent, photos of me by Sarah Kyle. Location: my favorite bakery, Corina, in Tacoma, WA. I don’t live in Tacoma but it feels like a second home to me. If I had it my way, I’d either live in the T or spend a lot more of my days there.

      1. Oh man, I wash my hair too much. I try the non washing thing and end up with greasy stringy grossness. Anyway, I’ve read your blog for awhile and your hair always looks soo good so whatever you’re doing, keep it up.

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