The Issue With September Issues

the september issue…is that you practically have to schedule an entire weekend to go through them because they are so monstrous. I am totally fine with that and I look forward to these editions, but my thought is this: I know sales from the September Issue carry magazines through the rest of the year, but if you’re doing your job as an editor, can’t you edit it down a few pages? Does it really have to be as long as Gone With The Wind? Here’s to seeing if this years’ issues are really worth their weight. I’m armed with color-coded sticky flags, my trusty moleskin notebook, and my Sharpie pen to mark my favorite editorials, ad campaigns, and stories. Happy September fashion lovers!



  1. I completely agree! I mean, Fall/Winter fashion week was back in March so it’s not like we’re seeing anything that new. I’ve never really understood the reasoning behind the hype of “the September issue” anyway. Sure, I love fall fashion, but why doesn’t Spring/Summer fashion have the same status?

    1. Good points Cassie! I actually noticed that spring issues seemed to be getting bigger this year…just a little. Did you? I wonder if September will always be the big month for fashion…

      But then again, we need a little extra excitement to prepare for the cold month ahead! Or at least I do.

      Thanks for weighing in. 🙂

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