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The grass is greener moodboard | St. Patrick's Day style inspiration

Next week is St. Patrick’s Day and soon after it’s officially spring–so that means green. Duh.

I started a birthday wishlist collage earlier this week but wasn’t inspired at all. Who cares that I still want a Polaroid camera or a pair of Birkenstocks? Wishlists can be tricky because once you have the item on your list, the novelty wears off pretty quickly. The grass is always greener, as they say. I scrapped the wishlist in favor of what has been occupying my brain: the color green and the start of spring. Things like emerald stones, rolling hills, sheep, moss, velvet, party garlands, and Scarlett O’Hara’s rich green wardrobe, including her marabou trimmed nightgown. Someday I hope to have a party with this color theme (A birthday party? A shower? A bachelorette?), but today I’ll settle for an inspiration board to pin now and save for later.

Although I included a widget that displays different green things to buy,  you don’t have to spend much or anything at all to get into the sprit of green. Either way, you should start thinking about it (unless you want to be pinched on St. Patrick’s Day!). Take a look outside and notice how as winter fades, the grass becomes greener. Go to the craft store and spend a few bucks on sparkly green pipe cleaners to make a crown for the 17th (I just made one today!).  Splurge and buy green velvet shoes. Take artsy Instagram photos of the moss that grows in your yard. Bake a green velvet cupcake. Make green eggs and ham. Whatever you do, the grass is never greener on the other side if you’re admiring the beauty that’s directly in front of you.

Graphic by Alexis Sargent

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