The #BurgerTour Awards

#Burgertour Award Best Burgers | StyleLogical
Clockwise from left: The 5 Point Cafe, Highway 101 Burger, Timmy J’s BBQ & Burgers, In-N-Out Burger, Lefty’s Burger Shack, Slow Bar.

It’s been a really long time since I came back from my official #burgertour. But I needed time to digest. Literally and figuratively.

For my official tour of West Coast burger deliciousness, I drove down Highway 101 from Eastern Washington to San Francisco, and back to the mysteriously ambiguous place I live. It took me one week, and I had a burger per day. However, I’m counting other burgers I’ve had in the Seattle area this summer in the official awards ceremony. I’m grading these burgers purely subjectively based on my palate. I ask myself these main two things when rating a burger: How soon do I want to go back? And, how were the fries? Fries count, people!



#Burgertour Award Best Burgers | StyleLogical
1. Winner: Custom burger from 5 Point Cafe. Seattle, WA.

This one from 5 Point Cafe was my first burger of the summer and so far it’s the best. The bacon was thick, the sauce was divine, the patty was perfect, the onions made me sing, the guacamole was on-point and the fries were epic-ly greasy. This was a custom-ordered burger so it might be cheating, but I have to say it was perfect. Since it’s off the menu, maybe they should name it after me? Ha, I’m not that cool.

#Burgertour Award Best Burgers | StyleLogical
2. Bacon Cheeseburger from Lefty’s Burger Shack. University Place, WA.

Lefty’s in University Place, WA is pretty new, but it’s definitely the best all-around, All-American burger place I’ve visited. It’s a ridiculously adorable surf-style shack (seen in this post) with fresh-tasting, sublimely-sauced burgers and delicious crinkle cut fries. If you love burgers but want a little less grit and grease, go here. Tip: I think they’re cash only now.

#Burgertour Award Best Burgers | StyleLogical
3. The Booty Booty Booty burger from Timmy J’s BBQ & Burgers. North Bend, OR.

This burger is called the Booty Booty Booty for a reason. It fed me for lunch, dinner, and breakfast the next day. It was legendary to say the least with two 1/3 lb patties, tri-tip steak, pulled pork, bacon, BBQ sauce, mayo, swiss cheese, and cheddar cheese. My booty is getting bigger just typing all that. Tip: Timmy J’s BBQ is housed in an Airstream trailer parked in a lot off of Highway 101, so it’s easy to miss. You don’t want to do that.

#Burgertour Award Best Burgers | StyleLogical
4. The 101 (or was it 202) Burger from Highway 101 Burger. Lincoln City, OR.

This was by-far my husband’s favorite burger of the trip. I loved it too, for it’s secret sauce and onions galore. You can definitely tell it’s a staple in their town and I loved the friendly, family-owned, extremely-proud-of-their-burgers vibe I got at Highway 101. Tip: I believe they are cash only, but the best places are.


#Burgertour Award Best Burgers | StyleLogical
The Special burger (Deluxe is better) from Dick’s Drive-In. Multiple Seattle, WA locations.


#Burgertour Award Best Burgers | StyleLogical
The Double Double from In-N-Out Burger. Various California locations.

Winner: Dick’s. The ruling: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis know it (they shot their latest video on top of Dick’s), I know it… Dick’s Drive-In burgers are superior to their unofficial west coast rival In-N-Out Burgers. Dick’s burgers have grit and their fries have the perfect amount of greasy-ness. Although the actual In-N-Out burger was fresh and tasty, their fries are icky. I hate to rag on things online (I’m not a troll I promise), but they tasted like dry cardboard cut-outs of fries. I couldn’t taste any grease. Maybe that’s appealing for some people?


#Burgertour Award Best Burgers | StyleLogical
The Aloha Burger from Surfside Burger Shack. Eureka, CA.

They were greasy, they were salty. Enough said. Thank you, Surfside Burger Shack.

#Burgertour Award Best Burgers | StyleLogical
The Bacon Cheese Charburger from Wally’s White River Drive-In. Buckley, WA.

Where can a girl get a good steak fry? Nowhere. Nowhere, except Wally’s Drive-In apparently. Red Robin has em, but steak fries are getting increasingly scarce. Anyway, I love Wally’s for their deliciously starchy fries, big burgers, and All-American, small town, drive-in atmosphere.


#Burgertour Award Best Burgers | StyleLogical
Truffle Burger from Umami Burger. San Francisco, CA.

I don’t have a highly sophisticated palate, but I could tell the truffle burger from Umami was a burger someone with sophistication might enjoy. The patty was very juicy, almost like an au jous taste. I prefer all the fixins on my burgers, but I have to hand it to Umami for highlighting the taste of the meat so well. Also, I absolutely love sweet potato fries, so you guys get a mention from me.


#Burgertour Award Best Burgers | StyleLogical
Portland Burger Week Burger from Slow Bar. Portland, OR.

Portland Burger Week Burger from Slow Bar. Portland, OR (pictured above). Also, if you’re stopping in Ellensburg, WA, U-Tote-Em Burger is always delicious. Shake Shake Shake in Tacoma, WA is adorable and their burgers are saucy. Go there if you like thinly cut fries and retro-tastic decor.

#Burgertour suggestions or questions? I will be continuing my search for the best burgers in the Seattle / Tacoma area and in my travels abroad. Near or far, let me know your favorite burgers and I’ll add it to my burger wish list!

This made me really, really hungry. I’m gonna go eat a burger now.


EDIT: Some of you were asking if I had gained any weight during the tour. I didn’t weigh myself right after returning, but I’m proud to report, one week later, I weigh exactly the same as I did when I left! Now before you curse me for eating burgers every day and not gaining weight, I will say that I did more physical activity during the trip than I normally would at home (more walking, exploring, some calisthenics). I was afraid to weigh myself though because I definitely feel more bootylicious. Maybe I’m just bloated!

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