TEMPER Brand Jewelry & Giveaway!

TEMPER Brand GiveawayI love that people even read my blog, so I want to give you guys something special to show my appreciation! TEMPER Brand, an up-and-coming jewelry company I love and trust, is helping me thank you guys. We’re giving away a beautiful 18k gold plated snake necklace (scroll down for a good look) to one lucky lady or gent. And let me tell you, you’ll freaking love this brand. Although “dope” is such an overused word in the fashion industry, TEMPER’s jewelry is dope. And sick. It’s edgy, understated, delicate, and unique. What you don’t get with other brands, however, is the meaning, depth, and fair trade practices behind its creation.

And I think that you’ll love that, because I know you. What I love about you, my readers, is the way you find importance in small, meaningful moments rather than the superficial. To you, a coat is just a coat without the story of the girl wearing it, and a necklace is another piece of metal without the rich history and kick ass people behind it.

TEMPER Brand jewelry is based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and is made from recycled bombshells and bullet casings, plated in 18k gold or white platinum. These intriguing materials coupled with the understated but emotive design packs a serious punch in such a tiny package. What’s more, the pieces are crafted by artisans working for a fair trade organization in Phnom Penh. I know this and trust this because I know the wonderful people behind the brand–Anna, a cool, fashionable chick and former Northwesterner who relocated to Cambodia, and Jesse, a talented Seattle photographer, designer, and musician. You’re in good hands. To find out more about the brand, I spoke with Anna Mischke about the materials and people in Cambodia that bring TEMPER to life…

TEMPER Brand Giveaway

More of TEMPER’s jewelry. Photo by AJ Ragasa. Model: Monika.

Q&A with Anna Mischke of TEMPER Brand

AS: I love how you use recycled brass bombshells and bullet casings. What do those materials mean to you and why did you decide to use them?

AM: The history of the detonated bombshells and bullet casings are tied strongly to the reign of the Khmer Rouge that wiped out the majority of what was–and is growing to be–a strong, self sufficient country. The workshop we collaborate with uses these materials not only to put to use something that could only be seen as reminders of a bloody history, but turns something that once caused misery and horrific pain into things that bring happiness while creating a fair and strengthening work environment. Using recycled materials also creates work and opportunity for people not directly correlated with the brand or workshop while putting to use something that could easily be seen as rubbish.

AS: It’s nice to know that when buying from TEMPER, I know it’s fair trade and I know where the jewelry is coming from. Any special information or anecdotes about the artisans who create for TEMPER?

AM: There is an amazing team who work on TEMPER, along with many other lines of product ranging from clothing to home decor to greeting cards. The women and men who join the workshop are taken from high risk situations, whether severe poverty, disablement, or sex trafficking and gives them a place to learn, utilize their skills, and make a fair living while being respected and honored. The warmth you feel from each person, whether it’s Nimul–the general manager who makes sure things are running smoothly and gives the biggest hugs or the shy but strong metal workers, they each have a story that we are still learning and we continue to look forward to growing with them and sharing that with you.

TEMPER Brand Giveaway

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  1. Using recycled bombshells and bullet casings at first seems just really cool and eco-friendly, but knowing the history behind these materials definitely makes you more reflective – this is a great company to support and the whole thing is very interesting and touching.

  2. Love that not only are you creating jewelry but you have created a opportunity to help a community of people who have gone through difficult situations, and also making items out of materials that’s were used in their history can also be psychologically healing to their wounds.

  3. “It’s edgy, understated, delicate, and unique” … :] also that’s its so different from other things I have seen in stores and what not !

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