Summer Thrifting Sha-wing!

StyleLogical thrift finds
Sometimes it’s really hard not to be a hipster.
StyleLogical thrift finds
I smell a summer road trip.

Side note before I dig into this week’s thrift finds: I’m having camera problems. My camera will only take photos when the flash is on. I won’t get into it, but that = no bueno for photos. Instead of dazzling you with my most excellent amateur photography, I’ll have to dazzle you with my prose instead. Flash! Zing! Sparkle! Are you dazzled yet?

My mission for thrifting this week was to find things for my upcoming road trip. I’ll post more on that later, but we’re doing a #burgertour down Highway 101 on the West Coast. The CDs are for when our phones need a break from playing their hearts out, or when I need to take a #selfie or something. It’s old school and I love it.

The Swag

Blue plaid skirt. Not for the road trip, but it’s perfect for fall’s grunge vibe.

High waisted floral shorts. Their breeziness helps when sitting on sweltering leather seats (say no to swamp ass). Plus, the floral print makes me feel cute and girly.

Red heart-shaped sunglasses. This is a road trip, isn’t it?

Wayne’s World Soundtrack. Sha-wing! I can’t even begin… This is a top-5-of-all-time movie for me and the music is near and dear to my heart (not being sarcastic). The best part is that this CD’s got two songs actually sung by Tia Carrere, the actress from the film.

The Wizard of Oz Soundtrack. I really just can’t wait to sing “The Lollipop Guild” over and over again in the car.

Eagles, Their Greatest Hits. Because it’s a classic.

The Velvet Underground and Nico produced by Andy Warhol. My husband found this one. I’ve actually never heard it and can’t wait to get schooled in some prolific pop culture.

Those are my finds this week!


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