StyleLogical + Etsy Coming Soon.


StyleLogical is going Etsy ya’ll. Those of you who know me well, know that I had a vintage Etsy store called Scarlett’s Vintage Finerie for a while. I took a little break, and now I’m ready to resurrect my shop under the StyleLogical name. I just did my first shoot with my sister Cassidy so I’ll be back up pronto. Get ready and bookmark StyleLogical for my not-so-grand opening.

Question: can you tell which of the items above are vintage and which are not? I love that the answer isn’t so obvious. When I’m sourcing items for my shop, I like to find pieces that would naturally fit into my wardrobe. Buying and wearing vintage is all about appreciating the craft and styles of the past, while incorporating them into the present. And generally you can save a little cheddar cheese while doing it. Logic all around!

Model: Cassidy. Photo by Alexis.

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