Sometimes You Just Have To Wear Shorts

StyleLogical wears shorts
I feel like this outfit is missing one of those 90s mini backpacks.
If Gwen Stefani can show her bra straps…
Shell necklace made by my bestie Robin!
Hi, I have chapped lips.
Nails: OPI’s The Tazmanian Devil Made Me Do It. Shoes: not important.
I feel like those birds are about to attack me.

We all have those areas of our bodies we wish were better. For me, I am not a big fan of my legs. Actually, before last week, I didn’t even own a pair of shorts. I technically still don’t because these are some old Paige jeans I hacked through and rolled up to work as shorts. But no matter how much I wish my legs looked like Gisele’s, they don’t. And in the summer it gets hot–so sometimes you just have to wear shorts.

Hurdle number one was actually wearing the shorts in public. I couldn’t have done it without my husband telling me to STFU and stop criticizing myself (husbands are great for this). I also couldn’t have done it without my laziness, resulting in no other clean pants. That’ll do it.

Hurdle number two: take photos of myself in shorts and post online. First, why would I do that? I believe that to be a blogger, you’ve got to be as real as you can. Showing pictures of myself in shorts is my way of keepin’ it real. And maybe I can get over my shorts phobia and help someone else do it too.

About the outfit: This is a result of getting ready in 20 minutes and running out the door to do errands. The braids were to keep my crazy hair in check and to be honest, I was really wearing sandals.

Celine glasses / Bobby Lew necklace / Calvin Klein bra / Frenchi tank / Paige jeans / $15 shoes



Photos by Sarah Kyle


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