So Dum.

How bright is my future?
StyleLogical eats a dum dum
Yes, dum dums are a legitimate accessory.
I actually always have a dum dum in my purse. This one just went with the color scheme.
I have hair.
My summer bag.
Feeling very 70s.
I don’t care if it’s summer, I love black on my toes.

Personal style shoots make me feel dumb. Because they are dumb! Think about it. I got dressed full well knowing I was getting my picture taken. Then, I circled around in my car looking for the perfect backdrop to take said pictures. Once satisfied with a spot, my friends and I (also bloggers in conspicuous outfits) get out of the car, teeter in heels across the parking lot, and stand in front of a wall for seven minutes posing in front of  a camera. To complete the mental picture, the person operating the camera is usually crouched down in some awkward position shouting out things like “Turn towards me! No, face your body away from me but tilt your head towards me. Now poke your butt out!”

Yup, we’re dumb. But it’s okay, cause it’s fun.

Wearing: Celine sunnies / Target denim dress / Earrings are Jackie O NYC or something like that / Zara clutch / Coach shoes

Photos by Abby Williamson. Taken at Lefty’s Burger Shack – follow my #burgertour on Instagram.

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