Shoe Romance. Finding Balenciaga For Cheap.

Balenciaga glove shoes | StyleLogical
Balenciaga glove shoes | StyleLogical
I can’t believe I found you.
Balenciaga glove shoes | StyleLogical
Turn to the left.
Balenciaga glove shoes | StyleLogical
We’re interrupting Bubbles’ nap with this photo shoot.
Balenciaga glove shoes | StyleLogical
Balenciaga glove shoes | StyleLogical
A few of my favorite things. Shoes, husband, Bubbles.
Balenciaga glove shoes | StyleLogical
And one more.

You know that moment when you bookmark the most fabulous pair of shoes… You keep clicking back, day after day, just to steal a glance, or to convince yourself that the price is worth it for true love? But your heart hurts, because whatever creative math you do in your head, logic kicks in and you know you can’t really afford it. Or at least, that’s not the responsible thing to spend money on.

The same thing happened to me. I bookmarked the shoes, went on vacation, and kind of moved on.

Except yesterday, when I stopped by my local small town Nordstrom Rack. I was looking for bridesmaid shoes, and was just about to move on, but realized I missed a rack. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the pink leather. Is that the Balenciaga glove sandal? Holy shit! Balenciaga Paris, right there on the label. They’re $249.97 marked down from $895? Holy holy shit shit! I think I was sweating a little.

I frantically called my friend to get advice, but I knew I had to purchase them. I don’t care if they’re a little hard to walk in. Logic can’t win all the time.


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