Salon Spotlight: Robert Leonard Seattle


Getting my hair done is one of the best feelings in the world. I’d rather have a fresh blowout than a massage. Hands down. Second to a fresh blowout is the satisfaction and glee you get after a brand new haircut. This week I experienced both of those amazing feelings at Robert Leonard Salon in Seattle, thanks to my stylist Cara, who kicked ass. Anyone who can deal with my thick, kinky hair and give me a new look definitely deserves some love. 


Can you tell I cut my hair? I left a PILE of hair on the salon floor, but all of the inches I lost were in the back. I wanted to ditch my Kardashian hair (super long and layered) and go for something more one-length. I also didn’t want to lose any length in the front, so I’d still have that slimming effect around my face (I am prego after all). Considering I have ridiculously thick hair, I knew it would be a tall order that most stylists would talk me out of, but I’m so happy Cara found a cut that worked for me. To see more of my cut, follow @stylelogical on Instagram and come back to the blog soon for more photos.


Robert Leonard has been a Seattle staple since the 70s, providing luxurious hair and spa services to discerning clientele. Prices start at $45 per cut and make their way up and up, say if you were to get the royal treatment by Robert Leonard himself. But I assure you–speaking as a lady who loves a little luxury in life, but doesn’t take luxury too seriously–I encountered no snooty-ness and felt well taken care of, especially by my stylist Cara. Even the man who valeted my unwashed and crum-cluttered Nissan X-Terra didn’t give me the slightest side-eye, haha. The salon is located in Belltown at 2033 6th Ave Seattle, WA 98121. Call 206-441-9900 for an appointment or email


The entire salon features extremely high ceilings, three areas for hair services (pictured above is just one), a private and cozy waiting room, spa service rooms, and a nail salon area in the back. 


Fresh flowers grown by Robert himself always adorn the front desk.


The salon carries Oribe hair products, which are some of the best I’ve used. Hair update: It’s been four days since my last wash, and my hair still smells good (my husband will vouch for me), even though it’s starting to get a little greasy. Oribe products have the best smell to them.

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Photos by Alexis Sargent


Cara used Oribe’s Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray and what many call “Giselle in a bottle”–Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray–to finish off my look. She recommended the Shampoo for Moisture and Control for my hair type, which is very thick and on the dry side.

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