Roses Are Red…

 Roses are red. Violets are blue. Go to Whole Foods and pick up some for your boo.

Hot tip: a double dozen Whole Trade roses are $25 through Valentine’s Day. I picked up these beauties at the Seattle Denny location, but Tacoma friends, the new Chamber’s Bay location will have them too.

I don’t believe that Valentine’s Day has to be a total sappy affair for couples only. You know what? I miss the grade school version of V Day. Making cute little glitter coated mail boxes to fill with Valentines and candy is so my jam. I guess the adult version of that is to treat yourself or your Galentine (girl-Valentine, a.k.a. your bestie) with some flowers and a coffee–and then Instagram it of course.

Whoever you’re buying for, consult this list of rose colors and their meanings to decide which color to choose for your boo. Or, you know, whatever matches your current Instagram feed. #liveauthentic

RED: true love, passion and respect.

DARK RED: beauty, perfection, and adoration.

PINK: romance and admiration.

DEEP PINK: appreciation, gratitude, and sincerity.

LIGHT PINK: sweetness and gentleness.

ORANGE: desire, passion, and excitement.

WHITE: spiritual love, purity, and new beginnings.

YELLOW: warmth, joy, and friendship.

LAVENDER: love at first sight.

What does Whole Trade roses mean exactly?

Like all of Whole Foods Market’s Whole Trade products, these roses are grown in ways that ensure better wages and working conditions for farm workers, provide fair prices to producers and support community development programs. So the gift of Whole Trade roses lasts much longer than their bloom. Through Whole Trade floral purchases, Whole Foods Market has funded more than $11.2 million in premiums to support improvement programs – from housing projects and school scholarships to medical and dental treatments – for floral workers, their families and their communities across Ecuador, Colombia and Costa Rica.

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