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Pink Lady | pink mood board | StyleLogical

Are you a pink lady? It’s one of those colors you absolutely love, or you tolerate and reserve for newborn girls and the month of October. I love pink so much I could do tens of mood boards based around the color. Actually, I envision mood boards are something I’ll keep doing on the blog–since I was a kid I’ve always made collages out of fashion magazines, it’s just that now I don’t always use scissors and glue, I use Pinterest and Photoshop. Inspired by recently finding the perfect pink clutch and watching Grease 2 (Michelle Pfeiffer makes that dud so worth it), all I can think about is pink. I have the clutch, now I’m on the search for the perfect pink coat, a pink skirt… And I won’t bore you with the rest.

Graphic by StyleLogical.

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