My New Year’s Eve with Me, Myself, and Met Market

In your world, NYE hasn’t happened yet. But I’m writing this from the future so I know things. Too much. Spoiler alert: 2017 is just as crazy as 2016. You don’t want to know. Kids, please make the most of your New Year’s Eve celebrations like I did. Do it up right.

I stopped by Metropolitan Market the morning before party time and grabbed some key supplies. 

  • Metropolitan champagne, Met Market’s own label, imported from France
  • Posh Party Mix (nuts n’ stuff)
  • Happy New Year headpiece
  • Gummy Bears (one had a little too much bubbly and fell down the champagne flute — go home gummy bear, you’re drunk)
  • Not pictured: confetti poppers
  • Also not pictured: The Cookie

While contemplating if I should go to the party or stay home with the BFF –Netflix — I partied it up introvert style. 

I took some instax photos, took some photos of those photos, had someone take a picture of me taking a picture of the instax picture, then took some selfies. And now I’m writing about it as if it happened already. It’s like Inception but no Leo. 😢 

Whatever you do, you must have a good NYE. Grab some supplies at Met Market and choose your own adventure.

I recommend the one that begins with champagne and gummy bears.

Photos taken at GRLS Studio on iPhone. Photos of me by

Earrings pictured are Baublebar.

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