Mother’s Day Gifts for Stylish Moms

Mother's Day gifts for stylish moms

Oh gosh, I spent way too much time on this Mother’s Day gift guide. Maybe it’s because this year I can technically be “honored” during this holiday, since I’m expecting and all. I made this list with the stylish moms in mind, breaking it down into categories of luxe, hippie chic, the new or preggers, Stepford, and rebel mom. Your special lady probably falls into more than just one of these categories, so don’t get stuck on the labels. Enjoy these gift ideas for mom, but also keep in mind that local gifts (I’ve included some Seattle ideas), quality time, and a meaningful note in a nice or handmade card are the best things you can give. The below are just extra for you overachievers out there.


Salon or spa service. This one is kind of a “duh,” but hey. For a service nationwide, I’d try Sassoon for hair and Bluemercury for skin and makeup. For Seattle-based moms, you can try the aforementioned or go with Penelope And The Beauty Bar for super luxe pampering of all kinds.

A BEVÉE bagThese bags are my new little obsession, but more on that later (I’ll be posting a review and some photos I shot of  BEVÉE bags very soon). What you need to know is that they’re well-made, beautiful crossbody bags that every on-the-go lady needs in her life. See the above collage for a photo.

Luxe candle. You can’t go wrong with the Parisian brand Diptyque or Lafco New York. A popular Diptyque scent is Baies, but my favorite is Mimosa, which is very fresh and springy. I’m also intrigued with Lafco candles because many of them are nicknamed after a place in the house like “Powder Room” or “Dressing Room.” Handy and cute.

Spring Flower perfume by CREEDAs I discovered while writing my Bluemercury post, Spring Flower was apparently a scent Audrey Hepburn regularly wore. CREED is a brand that has long catered to royals, so if it’s good enough for monarchs, it’s probably good enough for the queen in your life.



Birkenstocks. I’m so ecstatic that the coolest and most comfortable shoe right are one-in-the-same. I need.

Fresh flowers from the farmer’s market (alliteration not intended). Bonus points if the flowers are wrapped in brown kraft paper and twine.

Eat Pretty by Jolene HartI received this book as a birthday gift and it’s my new go-to guide for healthy eating. I love it so much, I’m going to post a review soon. Basically, it’s a guide on certain foods to eat for optimum beauty results and cleansing. But it’s so much more than that. Stay tuned.



Belli Elasticity Belly Oil. My cousin lathered this on her belly daily during her pregnancies and came out stretch mark free. I switch between this and pure coconut oil. Now, I know that many factors can contribute to stretch marks (genes, skincare, rate of weight gain, etc.) but at least my skin feels nice and I feel luxurious.

Momstrology: The AstroTwins’ Guide To Parenting Your Little One by the Stars by Ophira and Talia Edut. I’m a big astrology fan, so when I heard this book was coming out, I squee’d. Written by the “AstroTwins,” it gives parenting guidance based on yours and baby’s star signs. If you’re in Seattle, attend Pine & 14th Family Day on May 24th in Capitol Hill. There will be book signings, mini astrology readings, a braid bar, refreshments, face painting, and a ton more.

Any salon or spa service (namely prenatal massage and pedicures). I can’t think of one reason why a pregnant lady or new mom wouldn’t want this. Beauty is time consuming, and anytime I can hand over the reigns to a trained expert, I’m down. Plus, it’s hard to reach your feet with a big belly in the way, so gifting a pregnant lady a pedicure will earn her love forever. I haven’t tried this, but I hear skoah offers a tummy and mummy facial, belly mask, and foot massage for $140. Hint hint, nudge nudge.

Stylish thank you cards. An influx of baby gifts means that the new mom will be busy, busy, busy writing tons of thank you notes. I found these cheeky but understated gold diaper pin thank yous online, but you can always scour the stationary aisle in your local TJ Maxx or Marshall’s (discount, what what).

Polaroid instant camera. What a cool way to document baby’s first moments. Amiright?



Tea party. Take her out to tea (my favorite spot is The Secret Garden Tea Room in Sumner, WA, but reservations are tough to get this time of year) or host a tea in her honor. Teacups and tea kettles make pretty gifts as well.

Next level apron. You can’t just have a regular “kiss the cook” apron anymore. Not when stores like Anthropologie carry such freaking adorable ones.

Trophy Cupcakes and Parties! by Jennifer Shea. Seattle’s favorite cupcake bakery is now immortalized in book form. Get recipes and party tips from local baker and sweetheart, Jennifer Shea.



Not-so-sweet teacup. If you liked Courtny’s “booze” teacup in the recent Apartment Envy post, get one for you and for mom.

GoPro camera. For motorcycle stunts and stuff. Or surfing, skydiving, and throwing babies up in the air and playing it back in slow motion.

TEMPER Bone Pendant Necklace. Remember TEMPER? Get mom a little jewelry keepsake that shows just how badass she is, like this bone pendant necklace.


Photo collage and picks by Alexis Sargent


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