Moodboard | Black + Red For The Black Hearted

Moodbard | Black + Red via StyleLogicalToday is Valentine’s Day. We did the cutesey shoot in honor of the holiday (read: Be Yours), and now it’s time to sex it up and get a lot more pessimistic. All the love notes professing true love littering social media today are inspiring a mood in me that only black and red can encapsulate. Today is not a day of love. Perhaps lust, perhaps dark broken hearts, perhaps loneliness, and perhaps euphoria–but today is not made of love. To those attached, your significant other / boo / partner / person / sweetie / babycakes knows you love them because you tell them every day, not just (and especially not) today. To the singles out there, don’t let sappy couples make you feel bad. Dress in black, throw on some red lipstick and join The Blackhearts Club!

Graphic by Alexis Sargent

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