Hello, World!

I’m the chick with her belly button out. That. Hussy.

The agony. The pressure. What do I want to say for my first official post as StyleLogical? I wanted my debut to be glamorous with beautiful, crisp, editorial-grade photos and fanfare. But sometimes you just have to go with the flow, not take things too seriously, and post a blurry photo. The one above captures my mental state at the moment quite well. #YOLO

So maybe my intro to the world won’t be epic, but here are some things from my brain:

Why the name StyleLogical? I had been wanting to start another blog for eons (a year in this world is eons) but couldn’t come up with a name I didn’t get sick of after five minutes. A few months ago I started up the brainstorm process yet again. Everything was dumb, so I took a break and sat down with my husband to watch one of our favorite shows, Star Trek (the original series). My favorite character is Spock cause he’s so damn logical. The word is actually a bit of a catchphrase of his. Other characters lose their shit in the trials and tribulations of open space exploration, but not Spock. He’s a pillar of reason but also pretty sexy. That’s what I want my blog to encompass. In the illogical, vapid, silly, and even sexy world of blogging, I’d like to hold on to as much logic as humanly or (vulcanly) possible.

Spock on StyleLogical
Live StyleLogically and prosper… or something.

Why start a blog in 2013, a year of epic saturation in the blog world? Because I can!

Stay tuned for personal style shoots, pretty photos, parties, my thoughts, experimentations and some mediocre singing perhaps. Oh, also, be patient while I get my site looking pretty. I’m trying to learn how to code so it’ll come along slowly.


Photo by a nice old man on the street, via Lady Go Lightly Vintage. Spock.

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