Hello From #BurgerTour / Salute To Camo

Hello over exposure and greasy bangs.
Hey, it’s my husband. He exists!
Peace out.

Hello from #burgertour! This morning we had some time to take some photos in Seaside, Oregon. So… Thank cheezus / yeezus for this camo jacket. Don’t let the shorts fool you, it’s chilly out here. I thought traveling in August would mean I could pack girly dresses and shorts, but all I’ve needed is this camo jacket, jeans, and my chambray shirt. #roadtripuniform

Want to see the delicious burgers and tourist traps I fall into during my roadtrip? Watch the Stalkergram bar on the right of this page or follow me on Instagram @alexisscarlett and follow #burgertour. We’re driving down Highway 101 down the Oregon and California coasts to San Francisco, filling up on buns, patties, and secret sauce (sounds kinda naughty) along the way. Then we’ll book it back home to Washington.

Club Monaco camo jacket / Thrifted heart-shaped sunglasses / Nordstrom B.P. chambray / Paige DIY cut-offs / Steve Madden sandals

Photos by MJ Sargent

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