Get in loser, we’re going shopping.

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Get in loser, we’re going shopping

Okay, so you’re NOT a  loser, but I couldn’t help but tap the genius that is Mean Girls for a post based solely on shopping. All fashion bloggers make recommendations on items their readers should buy–I do this sporadically on my blog just in case you might care what I’m digging or might want to know where to buy a similar item of mine. Some of you don’t care, and that is awesome, because you don’t need me. You’ve got your own personal style and shopping habits.


But I’m still going to pimp my shop. Why? Because it helps support me and my site. Each month (and even more frequently if I’m so enthused), I will come out with new items inspired by the season or a theme that I’m currently coveting. If you happen to also want to buy those items, I get a small commission. If you were going to buy the item anyway, it’s definitely a win-win for both of us.

The April Shop is inspired by spring blooms, pastels, farmer’s markets, rain showers and chance sun breaks. While it still has yet to warm up consistently here in the Pacific Northwest, I’m hopeful. To me, this April is a month of making a clean slate, transformations, greater mobility, and seeing the bright side in life.

The link to my shop is located on the right of my main menu bar. Please come back every month and thanks for supporting me and my humble blog, StyleLogical.



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