Featured | My closet and interview on the Luxury On Demand blog

Celine and heart shaped sunnies | Style Logical's closet

Above: I don’t discriminate when it comes to accessories–I love both my Celine’s and my cheapie heart-shaped sunnies.

Normally I’m the one doing the interviewing and the writing, but the tables are turned this week. Head over to the Luxury On Demand blog to peep a little bit of my closet and read my thoughts on spring style. I’m much more gifted at expressing my thoughts in written word rather than verbally (I’m an introverted blogger, not a talk show host), so I was happy to see that I didn’t completely tank my interview with Jesica of Luxury On Demand. I read the feature and I feel like she totally gets me and what StyleLogical is about. Having the opportunity to read about myself from someone else’s perspective was an interesting novelty I’m not used to–I got a kick out of it.

That being said, Luxury On Demand is an online (luxury) consignment store based in Seattle, owned by Jesica Milton. Be sure to bookmark her lovely site for the next time you’re in the mood for scoring some designer stuff (cough cough, Chanel, cough cough)–or when you want to consign some of your own things (I’m totally taking her up on that). If you’re a brick-and-mortar lover, she also has a studio you can visit by appointment to browse her wares. I stopped by last week and snapped some photos. It was freaking adorable. Stay tuned and ready your Pinterest finger for that one.

Don’t forget to read the my full closet feature and interview on the LOD blog here. For now, here are a few outtake photos.

Style Logical's closet

Green Nike sneakers | Style Logical's closet

Above: Vintage emerald green corduroy trucker hat–because why not?

Left: These are my prized green Nike sneakers. I’ve had them for over ten years but they’re super current right now. I was even stopped on the street in New York last summer by someone who wanted to know where I got them. These shoes remind me to always buy things I’ll love for decades to come–if they become trendy in the future, that’s just an added bonus.

Photos by Alexis and MJ Sargent

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