Crop top, farmer’s market, and a baby bump.

Baby bump style, crop top and floral maxi skirt

So… I’ve been pregnant for six months (24 weeks) now and I’ve been severely lacking in (weird pun alert) milking this pregnancy for blog and social media content. Hahahahaha, oh the ridiculousness of that sentence! At the beginning I envisioned all the elaborate and cheeky announcements I’d make, and all the baby bump outfits I’d create for Pinterest. Getting serious now, one major reason I’ve been radio silent about pregnancy stuff is that I don’t want it to feel forced. Once we shared our baby news with loved ones personally, I realized I didn’t feel the need to make a big deal about it publicly. Secondly, my belly has taken a while to “pop” like those perfectly round, beautiful, and juicy ones on Pinterest. Honestly, I’ve felt a little awkward with the extra weight gain, tight clothes, and a minimal bump to show for it. Lastly, while this is a personal blog, I cover fashion, beauty, and lifestyle topics specifically. I want to stay true to my original vision while balancing my personal life. Just because I’ll be a mom doesn’t mean I’ll scrap everything and turn StyleLogical into a mom blog. Not that there is anything wrong with mom blogs.

On a lighter note, I found a way to rock a crop top during pregnancy. I chose one that floats away from my body so that it exaggerates my waist. Clingy crop tops show less of a distinction between the bust and waist, so I’m avoiding those for now. Anyway, here are some more photos of my time at the Broadway Farmer’s Market in Tacoma, which opened on an impossibly sunny and beautiful First of May. Be warned, THERE WILL BE LOTS OF FLOWERS!

Farmer's market flowersBaby bump style, crop top and floral maxi skirtFarmer's market flowersFarmer's market flowersBaby bump style, crop top and floral maxi skirt

Wearing some favorite basics that still fit (and trust me, most of my wardrobe does not fit!): my white Ray Ban sunglasses, H&M crop top, vintage floral maxi skirt, beige Longchamp bag, beige Barney’s New York Co Op sandals.

Tacoma wall Tacoma

Tacoma is so pretty and awesome. I love how most seem to think that it’s gross and boring though–it keeps all the extra people out! 🙂

Farmer's market flowers Farmer's market asparagus Farmer's market flowers, peoniesFarmer's market Farmer's market flowers Summer style | white Farmer's market flowers, peonies, tulipsFarmer's market

This one vendor at the market makes leather journals filled with handmade paper. Ultimate. Hipster. Gift.

Farmer's market flowersFarmer's market ice cream Farmer's market flowers, lilacs

Photos by Alexis Sargent. Photos taken of me are by Sarah of Lady Go Lightly.


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