Dear Santa.

Dear Santa | Christmas List via StyleLogicalApparently I’m on a big black and white kick right now, and my Christmas list shows it. These, folks, are actual items on my Amazon wishlist–I wasn’t paid or anything to pimp this stuff out.

Polaroid camera. I’ve always wanted one! Polaroid photos are such a romantic thing to me, I’m swooning just thinking about it. / Sheepskin (or faux) throw. I could think of at least 20 uses for this. / Nikon 1.8 lens. I need a portrait lens! At $109, this is cheap, and friends say it’s great for the money. / Diptyqye candle in Mimosa. Ugly candles suck, and Diptyqye candles are so not ugly. / Mongolian fur (or faux) pillow, for same reasons as the throw. / Cards Against Humanity. Because I love being inappropriate. American Apparel black leather clutch. I love how simple these bags are–I’d take one in every color, which is fortunate because they make them in every color.

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