No Breakfast, No Tiffany’s.

No Breakfast At Tiffany's via StyleLogical

This is me at a coffee shop not drinking coffee.

It pains me to reference Breakfast At Tiffany’s in this post, because if I were to fully replicate the iconic Givenchy look, I’d try a lot harder. I’d actually have my hair up for crying out loud. But this title made me laugh, so I’m rolling with it.

My original title (although a bit long) was All Dressed Up With Everywhere To Go & Things To Not Do. It references the actuality behind the scenes that are being so artistically painted for you in entertainment. Do you ever wonder if the subjects of editorials, television shows, and movies are ever actually doing what they are portraying? For instance, did Audrey Hepburn actually eat breakfast (with that waist size I’m not so sure), and did she actually get some Tiffany’s? Or, do you ever stop to think how stupid it is for models and actors to be doing what it looks as if they’re doing? Confused? You’re welcome.

No Breakfast At Tiffany's via StyleLogical

It’s completely acceptable to stop in the middle of a sidewalk, block the way of people who have real things to do, and air out your armpits, right? Side note: that lens flare is real.

No Breakfast at Tiffany's via StyleLogical

No breakfast, no Tiffany’s, and certainly no movie. Sorry Forrest Whitaker, this girl has a full schedule of standing in front of buildings and doing absolutely  nothing.

No Breakfast at Tiffany's via StyleLogical

Eww, is that sunlight touching my skin? Maybe if I hold really still it’ll go away.

Photos by Lucas Westcoat of Elldub Photography. Wearing: Celine sunnies / Vintage necklace + pearls / 60s vintage sequin top swiped from my Etsy shop / thrifted leather skirt / Vince Camuto heels

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