Bluemercury Opens for Seattle Beauty Freaks, Geeks, and Wannabes

Bluemercury Seattle
In a nutshell, Bluemercury is a store for beauty junkies. I admit, I’m not what you call a beauty junkie. I don’t wear makeup most days, and when I do, it’s NARS tinted moisturizer and bronzer with Burt’s Bees lip balm. However, I was still in heaven at the Bluemercury store preview in Seattle. Why? Because I like things simple, elegant, and I like quality products that stand the test of time. I got to chatting with Bluemercury co-founder Marla Beck and she put it quite nicely:

“Everything beauty, all in one place, curated.”

Whether or not I could have said it better myself, it’s totally true. It really did feel like a curated experience as Marla walked me through the store. I’ve known a few true “beauty junkies” and industry experts, and if you could translate a visit to their beauty cabinets into a retail experience, this is it. Countertops were covered in white and gray marble, bedecked with vases of fresh white flowers and silver accessories. Each section featured a well-thought selection of “best-ofs,” mixing high and low brands like a true beauty lover would. My makeup budget isn’t the highest, and while I can’t claim to know the hottest lip stain or nail polish color on the market right now, I appreciate the tried-and-true when I do decide to add to my beauty arsenal. The junkies and experts know that nothing is better than the Mason Pearson brush, the Diptyque candle, NARS tinted moisturizer, Oribe dry texturing spray, and the like. You can find all of these things, from skincare to hair care, at Bluemercury (now open in Seattle at University Village, plus nearly 50 locations nationwide).

But if you didn’t know about any of the aforementioned products, you’re still welcome. Bluemercury is a great place to up your beauty routine and seek tips about products that will work hard for you. “We want to be the best at beauty advice,” said Beck, also noting that she tries everything Bluemercury carries. If she approved it, it must be good, right?

Bluemercury founder Marla BeckMarla Beck, co-founder of Bluemercury, is a beauty industry veteran and entrepreneur with an MBA from Harvard. She is also the founder of M-61, a natural skincare line, which can of course be found at Bluemercury. Try the Power Glow Peel–it exfoliates and calms the skin, but only takes 60 seconds.

Bluemercury founder Marla Beck's pro acne tip | Mario Badescu drying lotion

Bluemercury Seattle Bluemercury SeattleEach location provides spa treatments. Score.

Bluemercury Seattle lipsticksApparently I really like photographing lipsticks.

Bluemercury Seattle Laura Mercier Bluemercury Seattle Lafco candlesEach of these Lafco candles are nicknamed for a room in the house. What a cool gift idea.

Bluemercury SeattleI let one of the makeup artists freshen up my makeup a bit. I looked in the mirror and–surprise!–magenta lips. I never wear anything this bright, but I love how the color made my eyes look extra blue.

Bluemercury Seattle

Bluemercury Seattle Diptyque and CREEDLittle luxuries. Diptyque candles (my fave is Mimosa) and CREED perfume in Spring Flower. A little birdie told me Audrey Hepburn wore this scent back in the day. I approve.

Bluemercury Seattle Style Logical 23 weeks pregnantAnd just for fun, here’s what I wore that day at 23 weeks pregnant. I swear I have a bump, you just can’t see it that well at this angle. And yes, I’m wearing a velvet skirt in April. It fits and I live in a brisk climate, so there.

Photos by Alexis Sargent. Photos of Alexis by Cassidy Stone.

  1. Love your write-up! Bluemercury is a favorite of mine because of the “simple, elegant, and quality.” And yes, your eyes look fiercely blue. Don’t be afraid of magenta, you look lovely!

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