2016 Is The Year Of Sass

Sassoon Style Influencer @alexisscarlet

2016 is my year of sass. I resolve to be bold, confident, and as glam as can be this year. It doesn’t come so easy for this introvert who loves lists, thinking things through, analysis, practicality, comfort, and logic. I do love making resolutions though, so I’m up for the challenge. First step: new hair and a visit to Sassoon.

Every December I end up contemplating a new look for the new year, but I couldn’t make up my mind about my hair. Cue fate. Sassoon salons asked me to visit their Seattle salon–time to make a decision!

Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with your hair at all, but the hair angst sets in. You know, that uncontrollable urge to chop all your hair off, get bangs, dye it mermaid turquoise… anything, as long as it’s different. Logic would dictate to avoid those urges, especially during Mercury Retrograde. I never get my hair cut during MR. Ever. This time, sass kicked in. I got bangs during Mercury Retrograde and it turned out better than fine. Mercury can suck it. Sass, 1. MR, 0.

Seattle Creative Director Lisa Baber cut my hair, and I love the new look (I’m still getting compliments!). I told her I either wanted 60s ish Alexa Chung bangs or some face framing. I asked Lisa what she thought–the bangs won!

It’s been a few weeks and I still feel refreshed. There’s this strange quality about bangs… There’s no hiding them. You have to rock it no matter what. How sassy is that?

Sassoon style before photo

And now for something completely different… 😉

Sassoon Style Influencer @alexisscarletSassoon Style Influencer @alexisscarletSassoon Style Influencer @alexisscarlet

Hair tips from my stylist Lisa Baber:

-Alternate the shampoo and conditioner that you use. Using the same products can cause build up on the hair.

-A good haircut goes a long way. When you’re feeling like you need to freshen up your wardrobe, start with a good haircut (Agreed!)

Sassoon Salon Seattle is located at 1405 Fifth Avenue, Seattle WA 98101. Please call 206-623-3685 for appointments. To learn more about Sassoon, visit here or follow them on InstagramFacebook and Twitter


Photos by Sarah Close.

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