Apartment Envy | Teacups and Books

Apartment Envy | Teacups and Books

I’ve always thought it would be wonderful to live in a vintage studio apartment in the city–hardwood floors, thick baseboard trim, a checkered bathroom floor, beautiful light-filled windows–le sigh. That dream seems to have been replaced with others, being that my husband and I own a home in suburbia and have two chihuahuas and a baby on the way. Fortunately, I get to live vicariously through my friend Courtny, who just moved into her beautiful apartment in West Seattle. I love her quirky, whimsical style and how she decorates with teacups and her favorite books. When I took these photos, she had just moved in days prior. Seriously, who has things that well decorated in a few days?

More beautifully girly and nerdy apartment love this way.  [Read more...]

Get in loser, we’re going shopping.

The April Shop | stylelogical.com

Get in loser, we’re going shopping

Okay, so you’re NOT a  loser, but I couldn’t help but tap the genius that is Mean Girls for a post based solely on shopping. All fashion bloggers make recommendations on items their readers should buy–I do this sporadically on my blog just in case you might care what I’m digging or might want to know where to buy a similar item of mine. Some of you don’t care, and that is awesome, because you don’t need me. You’ve got your own personal style and shopping habits.


But I’m still going to pimp my shop. Why? Because it helps support me and my site. Each month (and even more frequently if I’m so enthused), I will come out with new items inspired by the season or a theme that I’m currently coveting. If you happen to also want to buy those items, I get a small commission. If you were going to buy the item anyway, it’s definitely a win-win for both of us.

The April Shop is inspired by spring blooms, pastels, farmer’s markets, rain showers and chance sun breaks. While it still has yet to warm up consistently here in the Pacific Northwest, I’m hopeful. To me, this April is a month of making a clean slate, transformations, greater mobility, and seeing the bright side in life.

The link to my shop is located on the right of my main menu bar. Please come back every month and thanks for supporting me and my humble blog, StyleLogical.



Cassidy Stone via stylelogical.com

This is my sister Cassidy. She is one of my partners in crime when it comes to the creative process of my blog. Whenever I want to express myself in the form of editorial photography or explore new techniques behind the lens, I call her to collaborate. She is a great model, is able to pull off different looks, and is always down to try whatever idea I have, no matter how vague or offbeat. She gets it. Actually, as I’m a bit older than her, I find it surprising that I never dressed her up like my personal Barbie doll when we were younger. I was probably too busy doing my homework and sketching in my notebook to explore the possibilities of looking to my siblings for creative inspiration. Except for when I styled my brothers in drag. Because what older sister doesn’t love to do that?

We shot these photos back in February in my makeshift home studio to avoid the cold and practice with lighting equipment. Cassidy is known for her beautiful smile, but we took that away during this shoot. She is still beautiful of course without it, but what we get is a sense of her that is much older. You can see a depth in her that you might have otherwise overlooked if you had first seen a pretty blonde with a cheerful grin as portrayed in our Valentine’s story. Instead, you see the duality of strength and softness and youth and wisdom that colors all women.

Here is Cassidy, styled and photographed in black and white by her older half-sister (me):

Cassidy Stone via stylelogical.com

Cassidy Stone via stylelogical.com

As two sisters collaborating creatively, we tend to giggle. Or laugh until we cry. To achieve a moodier vibe, we played Lana Del Rey in the background. The cinematic downer music helped us get into character and focus on the mise en scene of the day’s shoot.

Cassidy Stone via stylelogical.com

Cassidy Stone via stylelogical.com

Cassidy Stone via stylelogical.com Cassidy Stone via stylelogical.com Cassidy Stone via stylelogical.com

I’m in love with the above photo because I can see the pores, every tiny line, and even a few freckles on her face. Sometimes we miss out on that since the invention of Photoshop.

Cassidy Stone via stylelogical.com

Photography and styling by Alexis Sargent. Model: Cassidy Stone.

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What’s That Smell? Signature Scents for Luxurious Hipsters.

Commodity Goods perfume via StyleLogical

Everybody has a signature scent. What’s yours? I gravitate between fruity floral and a rich musk (sounds hot, right?). My point is, you need a scent that’s uniquely you, suits your moods, looks as good as it smells, and doesn’t evoke the aroma of mass manufactured, over-processed celebrity garbage. Commodity Goods and their perfumes pass all the StyleLogical tests: they’re luxurious but simple, smell delicious, and are a bit quirky. With scents named “Paper,” “Wood,” and “Whiskey,” it’s like catnip for hipsters. Luxurious hipsters.

By luxurious I mean understatement, elegance, and premium ingredients. And by hipsters, I really mean tastemakers. Commodity uses carefully selected French heritage parfums and is bottled in California.

Since opening my blog, I have written about very few products. I don’t like to pimp anything out unless it’s something I’d actually buy (although that’s what they all say). In full disclosure, Commodity sent me a full sample fitting kit and these three scents in exchange for a review, which I am very happy to do.

Commodity Goods perfume via StyleLogicalTHE PROCESS

This is where Commodity stands out. Yes, the branding and packaging is highly Pin-able and Instagram-able, but more importantly, you get to try before you buy. STEP 1. Choose a fitting kit (women’s or men’s). It’s a ton of samples for $9, but the shipping is free (and quick too!), and they’ll credit you the $9 toward your full size order. STEP 2. Choose your favorite scents. They give you cute little note cards to rate them–I made it a party and organized them in little tea cups, ranging from favorite to least favorite.  STEP 3. Order a full size. You can either order a Trio (three 10 ml sprays) for $48 or The 100 (100 ml) for $108.


Mimosa | Commodity Goods perfume via StyleLogical

Mimosa. The boozey scents really are the best, as you you can tell by my selections. Mimosa is my daytime floral and fruity pick suited for the girly side of my personality. Champagne bubbles and flowers, bitches!

Gin | Commodity Goods perfume via StyleLogical

Gin. This was my husband MJ’s favorite. When he drinks, he prefers to class it up and have a nice glass of gin. I think he just likes this one because of the base notes of patchouli, sandalwood, and musk–his favorites. It sounds heavy, but this scent is musky in a clean way.

Pinot | Commodity Goods perfume via StyleLogicalPinot smells like a hot, sexy old lady. It’s very nostalgic and musky, but in a way that is very appealing. Don’t believe me? This scent got full approval from my picky husband.

Dear Commodity, don’t change a thing. However, please take the following scent suggestions into consideration when brainstorming your next line: 1. Leather. 2. Waffles. 3. Pie.

Photos and review by Alexis Sargent

Happy Birthday Waffles!

Happy Birthday Waffles! via Style Logical

It’s my birthday bitches!

Nearly every weekend my husband and I have what we call Waffle Weekend. Saturday mornings I make a stack of (gluten free) waffles to eat for breakfast. We top them with either raspberries or strawberries and whipped cream, and we eat the leftovers on Sunday. This weekend, I topped the waffles with fresh whipped cream made from Twin Brook Creamery heavy cream and stuck a candle in the top like a personal birthday cake. It was GLORIOUS.

Seriously, the simple things in life are the best. I already feel like I’m having the best birthday ever and I have no big plans–no fancy dinner, no cocktail hour, or elaborately decorated birthday fete. I spent the weekend bumping old school hip hop with my husband while eating waffles… Today, I feel like I’m the freaking Shire it’s so beautiful outside. Watching the sun glisten over the green grass and damp moss after a week of pouring rain is a wonderful gift. Tonight, my family is cooking me my favorite foods (steak, strawberries, and potato products) and I’m eagerly awaiting silliness, crudeness, and meaningful conversations about life. As you get older, you realize that the greatest gifts are the ones you already have–the love of your family and friends. And perhaps some dank ass food. :)

Happy Birthday Waffles! via Style Logical

Happy Birthday Waffles! via Style Logical [Read more...]

The Grass is Greener | Moodboard

The grass is greener moodboard | St. Patrick's Day style inspiration

Next week is St. Patrick’s Day and soon after it’s officially spring–so that means green. Duh.

I started a birthday wishlist collage earlier this week but wasn’t inspired at all. Who cares that I still want a Polaroid camera or a pair of Birkenstocks? Wishlists can be tricky because once you have the item on your list, the novelty wears off pretty quickly. The grass is always greener, as they say. I scrapped the wishlist in favor of what has been occupying my brain: the color green and the start of spring. Things like emerald stones, rolling hills, sheep, moss, velvet, party garlands, and Scarlett O’Hara’s rich green wardrobe, including her marabou trimmed nightgown. Someday I hope to have a party with this color theme (A birthday party? A shower? A bachelorette?), but today I’ll settle for an inspiration board to pin now and save for later.

Although I included a widget that displays different green things to buy,  you don’t have to spend much or anything at all to get into the sprit of green. Either way, you should start thinking about it (unless you want to be pinched on St. Patrick’s Day!). Take a look outside and notice how as winter fades, the grass becomes greener. Go to the craft store and spend a few bucks on sparkly green pipe cleaners to make a crown for the 17th (I just made one today!).  Splurge and buy green velvet shoes. Take artsy Instagram photos of the moss that grows in your yard. Bake a green velvet cupcake. Make green eggs and ham. Whatever you do, the grass is never greener on the other side if you’re admiring the beauty that’s directly in front of you.

Graphic by Alexis Sargent

TEMPER Brand Jewelry & Giveaway!

TEMPER Brand GiveawayI love that people even read my blog, so I want to give you guys something special to show my appreciation! TEMPER Brand, an up-and-coming jewelry company I love and trust, is helping me thank you guys. We’re giving away a beautiful 18k gold plated snake necklace (scroll down for a good look) to one lucky lady or gent. And let me tell you, you’ll freaking love this brand. Although “dope” is such an overused word in the fashion industry, TEMPER’s jewelry is dope. And sick. It’s edgy, understated, delicate, and unique. What you don’t get with other brands, however, is the meaning, depth, and fair trade practices behind its creation.

And I think that you’ll love that, because I know you. What I love about you, my readers, is the way you find importance in small, meaningful moments rather than the superficial. To you, a coat is just a coat without the story of the girl wearing it, and a necklace is another piece of metal without the rich history and kick ass people behind it.

TEMPER Brand jewelry is based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and is made from recycled bombshells and bullet casings, plated in 18k gold or white platinum. These intriguing materials coupled with the understated but emotive design packs a serious punch in such a tiny package. What’s more, the pieces are crafted by artisans working for a fair trade organization in Phnom Penh. I know this and trust this because I know the wonderful people behind the brand–Anna, a cool, fashionable chick and former Northwesterner who relocated to Cambodia, and Jesse, a talented Seattle photographer, designer, and musician. You’re in good hands. To find out more about the brand, I spoke with Anna Mischke about the materials and people in Cambodia that bring TEMPER to life…

TEMPER Brand Giveaway

More of TEMPER’s jewelry. Photo by AJ Ragasa. Model: Monika.

Q&A with Anna Mischke of TEMPER Brand

AS: I love how you use recycled brass bombshells and bullet casings. What do those materials mean to you and why did you decide to use them?

AM: The history of the detonated bombshells and bullet casings are tied strongly to the reign of the Khmer Rouge that wiped out the majority of what was–and is growing to be–a strong, self sufficient country. The workshop we collaborate with uses these materials not only to put to use something that could only be seen as reminders of a bloody history, but turns something that once caused misery and horrific pain into things that bring happiness while creating a fair and strengthening work environment. Using recycled materials also creates work and opportunity for people not directly correlated with the brand or workshop while putting to use something that could easily be seen as rubbish.

AS: It’s nice to know that when buying from TEMPER, I know it’s fair trade and I know where the jewelry is coming from. Any special information or anecdotes about the artisans who create for TEMPER?

AM: There is an amazing team who work on TEMPER, along with many other lines of product ranging from clothing to home decor to greeting cards. The women and men who join the workshop are taken from high risk situations, whether severe poverty, disablement, or sex trafficking and gives them a place to learn, utilize their skills, and make a fair living while being respected and honored. The warmth you feel from each person, whether it’s Nimul–the general manager who makes sure things are running smoothly and gives the biggest hugs or the shy but strong metal workers, they each have a story that we are still learning and we continue to look forward to growing with them and sharing that with you.

TEMPER Brand Giveaway

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Warm and Fuzzies in the PNW

Pacific Northwest fashion + style | via Style Logical

The Pacific Northwest. This is not New York and it’s not LA. Weather wise, we don’t have eternal sunshine (more like eternal gray 8 months out of the year), and Seattle proper barely gets enough snow to stick on its wet sidewalks. Attitude wise, we’re a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll–we have too much nature to be anything but. However, Seattle is different still from where I’m from. I cover Seattle fashion, but I’m really a small town girl (I live about an hour away).

When I shot this, as the sun was getting ready to set, the commuter train had just unloaded its passengers coming home from their work days in the big city. One minute I was standing in the middle of a deserted small town pavillion as the local shopkeepers were closing up for the day (5:30 p.m.). The next minute, loads of people trickled from the train station to their cars and their homes, surrounding the empty plaza where I stood. At first I was embarrased by the sillyness of it all–me in fluffy marabou shoes, posing in front of a camera like I think I’m so cool, like I’m a wannabe fashion blogger or something. I imagined the passersby would scoff and wonder who does this girl thinks she is?– but I quickly dismissed that thought (the same one I get every time I shoot). What I do may be silly, but it’s part of my creativity. This is who I am.

I’m a small town girl who loves fashion and the energy of city life. New York City is my favorite place to visit in the world. I love how I can get lost in the crowd. I love that walking around in a leather pencil skirt and bright green Nike sneakers is the most normal thing you could ever do. But I also love the quiet and solitude of my hometown. I don’t love the strip malls, chain restaurants, and the normalcy of Crocs with pajama bottoms and North Face jackets around here (sorry, that was low), but I create my own beauty. It’s not just the outfits and photography, it’s in a lazy, quiet “Waffle Weekend” with my husband, it’s in stopping by my Nana’s for dinner each Wednesday, and even catching up with old friends at the local pizza place. I’ve decided to find beauty in every place and to be myself in every place. And while I love to travel, I’m glad the Pacific Northwest is my home.

Pacific Northwest fashion + style | via Style Logical

Pacific Northwest fashion + style | via Style LogicalPacific Northwest fashion + style | via Style Logical

This is my husband’s Field & Stream shirt I thrifted (from Urban X Change in Tacoma). He wears it while working on cars with his friends on cold Saturdays and I steal it occasionally.

Pacific Northwest fashion + style | via Style Logical

Pacific Northwest fashion + style | via Style Logical

In my Fall Wardrobe Wishlist I posted that I really wanted marabou stripper shoes. These cost me around $25 and I love how silly they are. They are made in China and they stink horribly of glue, but they added just the right amount of texture and whimsy to my laid-back plaid outfit.

Pacific Northwest fashion + style | via Style Logical

Pacific Northwest fashion + style | via Style Logical

Wearing: thrifted Field & Stream from Urban X Change, 14th and Union shirt from Nordstrom Rack, gifted arrow necklace, Paige Jeans, white ostrich leather bag stolen from my mom a few years ago, $20 stripper shoes from Amazon.


Photos by Cassidy Stone

Dreaming of Spring Moodbard

Dreaming of Spring Moodboard | Style Logical

I try not to hate on any particular season, but come on already, WINTER, we’ve had enough. Spring will grace us with its presence in 23 days on March 20, which is far too long. That’s far too long to wait for farmer’s market flowers and berries, sunlight, not having to layer every outfit with tights and jackets, and silly things like flower crowns. Another reason why I can’t wait for spring is that I’m dying to get a pair of Birkenstocks. I love that they’re making a comeback, and I think my feet will love it too.

Here are a few spring basics that I love:

Not that Washington springs are particularly warm, I can’t wait for the days when I can slip on a pair of sandals and run around in my favorite slip dress or boyfriend t-shirt with jeans and a pair of sunglasses. Spring and summer allow for a more effortless style that suits me. I get weighed down too much with the complications of layering in the winter. With my preference for comfort, I always default toward warm rather than stylish, which is my downfall.


Weekday Layers For Awkward Times

Everybody experiences those awkward moments that necessitate special dressing needs. The moment could be a cold, windy day, dealing with a little bit of extra winter weight, or perhaps you just feel like hiding out from the world. In my case, I’ve got a growing baby bump that makes me look like I ate a few extra slices of pizza. It’s not big enough to hold in my hands and pass off as “no really, I’m pregnant, I’m not just tenderly caressing my excess blubber in this photo.” On the plus side, my pants still button and my clothes fit for the most part. On the downside, things fit awkwardly.  [Read more...]