Roses Are Red…

 Roses are red. Violets are blue. Go to Whole Foods and pick up some for your boo. MORE

2016 Is The Year Of Sass

Sassoon Style Influencer @alexisscarlet

2016 is my year of sass. I resolve to be bold, confident, and as glam as can be this year. It doesn’t come so easy for this introvert who loves lists, thinking things through, analysis, practicality, comfort, and logic. I do love making resolutions though, so I’m up for the challenge. First step: new hair and a visit to Sassoon. MORE

A Woodland Wonderland Christmas Cocktail Party

A Woodland Wonderland Christmas Cocktail Party in Tacoma, Washington
Sometimes my friends do cool things and I take pictures.

In this case, my friends hosted a white elephant Christmas party with the theme Woodland Wonderland. Sarah and Renae (who also hosted this instameet) styled a lovely tablescape as well as three bar cart corners featuring signature cocktails. The woodland theme was mainly carried out in the greenery hanging throughout the apartment. MORE

Mom Status: Freshly Picked Moccs Review

Freshly Picked Moccs Review
“I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.”


lovelocalinstameet photo backdrop

My pals Sarah (@ladygolightly) and Renae (@colouranddust) put together this amazing instameet called Love Your Local in Tacoma, cohosted by and held at Satori Boutique (@satoriboutique) on October 3. When I say “put together” I mean styled, designed, organized, hustled… all in their free time. Say whaaaat?


Passport to Galway, Ireland

#ootd in Galway, Ireland

This summer I finally made it across the pond to Europe! We had 3 days in Galway.


Instagram Killed My Blog

Instagram killed my blog

My blog isn’t dead dead. Just temporarily maimed by my Instagram account.  MORE

Merry Christmas Baby

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody! I was just reflecting that this time last year we broke the news to family that we were gonna have a baby. And what a baby we ended up with! He has the most beautiful blue eyes, chunky thighs, furrowed brows, and a sweet dimpled smile. I know people say this quite a lot, but becoming his mama is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. He makes me strong, healthy, and happy. He makes me (glad to be) a morning person. He makes me silly. Suddenly I care less of what people think, and listen more carefully to my own instincts.

We didn’t do professional photos or Christmas cards this year, but I did have a chance to snap some quick photos. I’m happy that I got at least a few in focus–propping up a wiggly baby with one hand and trying to hold the camera still in the other will be a skill I’ll need to master quickly.

Merry Christmas from Rowan Fox (4 months old), and of course MJ and I. MORE

Let’s Be Honest.


I’m in the mood for something different.

I’ve got dark circles under my eyes and my face lacks color, but I don’t want to discuss ways to freshen up my beauty routine. I’m wearing clothing, but I don’t want to tell you how to “get the look.” Do you crave something more like I do? Superficiality is fun and lord knows there’s a place for it in bloggerdom (i.e. my Pinterest feed!), but I find myself seeking more. What, though? Honesty? Depth? Reality? Community? Connections? Heart? Sincerity? Grit? Creativity? All of those things, and probably more. Let’s start with honesty. MORE

A Foraged Holiday Table

Foraged holiday table | fur and feathersFinally, an excuse to use your (or your mama’s) wedding china.

When registering in the big bright Macy’s store at the mall 5 or so years ago, I thought it was so romantic and unquestionably the thing to do to register for wedding china. I still think that, even thought I have not once used my china in the 4+ years I’ve been married. Not so logical, is it? I was inspired to finally use the  stuff, so I threw a little place setting design together with things around the house. I hope you too get around to using that china. What are you waiting for? (PS I know I put the cutlery on the wrong sides…boo!) MORE