3 Things No. 2

3 things // Elle magazine, Constellation and Co. dear letterpress cards, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark3 things I’m currently loving

1. Elle magazine November // I know November is half over, but I finally cracked open this month’s Elle. As fashion magazines go, it’s one of my favorites alongside Harper’s Bazaar. Those two always have my favorite covers, and this one is even in my favorite colors! :wink:

2. Constellation & Co. dear letterpress cards // These beautiful cards came in my MakrBox (a monthly subscription box of handcrafted goods from the good ol’ Pacific Northwest).

3. OPI Lincoln Park After Dark nail polish // Because classic.

3 things // Elle magazine, Constellation and Co. dear letterpress cards, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark3 things // Elle magazine, Constellation and Co. dear letterpress cards, OPI Lincoln Park After DarkPhotos by Alexis Sargent


5 Under $50


Most of the time when I want to get a little somethin somethin for myself, I can’t spend a ton. I’m a strict budgeter! Just in case you are too, I compiled a list of  5 things under $50. All would make excellent Christmas gifts too if you’re an overachiever and started shopping already.

Kate Spade Dream A Little Dream eyelash mask, $38. The most prettiest eye mask in the world.

GAP cable knit sweater, $34.95. A lovely basic.

How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are, $17.14. Americans love pretending to be Parisian. It’s fun to do every once in a while.

CARLOS by Carlos Santana Frida Foldover Clutch, $26.99. I’d put fur or faux fur on anything.

Crystal Dandelion drops, $34. Because you always need a good statement earring.

Cozy Fall Days


Touching base on a cozy fall day. Happy snuggles and lazies from Murphy the chihuahua (above), Buddy the chihuahua, Rowan the baby, and I.
Making: milk.
Cooking: apple crisp.
Drinking: water. Aren’t I thrilling?
Reading: Tess of the d’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy.
Wanting: a Polaroid camera.
Looking: at my baby and two chihuahuas all asleep on the couch.
Playing: “Gooey” by Glass Animals.
Wasting: a clear, non-rainy day by staying inside. Totes fine with it though.
Wishing: I wasn’t so close to finishing all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls.
Enjoying: the end to a quiet Friday.
Waiting: for Thanksgiving and my iPhone 6 to get here.
Wondering: if I can get away with skipping cardio for 4 days.
Loving: my little family.
Hoping: that Taylor Swift isn’t really this crazy.
Marveling: at Jamie Dornan in the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer.
Needing: to renew my library card.
Smelling: residual hair dye smell.
Wearing: yoga pants, a hoodie, and fuzzy house slippers.
Following: absolutely no coherent train of thought.
Noticing: that Gwen Stefani is the running joke on Gilmore Girls.
Knowing: that no one is going to be reading this at 9:30 p.m. on a Friday night.
Thinking: about how much I love my son.
Bookmarking: some basic shirts and things from Everlane.
Opening: dozens of tabs on my internet browser. As per usual.
Giggling: at baby giggles.
Feeling: unmotivated.
Photo by Alexis Sargent

3 Things I’m Loving

Levi's, Kindle, Julep

I’m just going to come out and say it. The theme of this little installment is Fifty Shades. I didn’t want to admit that I’m currently reading the Fifty Shades of Grey series, but I realized (after blurring in Photoshop), you can still read the text on my Kindle. The nail polish is gray so it makes sense, and if you’ve read the book, you get the worn jeans reference. It’s so funny that so many people have read it and it’s becoming a major motion picture in February, but no one wants to admit they’ve read it (because it’s sooooo raunchy!). I promise I’ll be reading books of more substance, especially since I just joined a book club! This month we’re reading The Paris Wife, about the wife of Ernest Hemingway, set in 1920s Paris. [Read more…]

Walking With A Ghost, The Other Halloween Playlist

Walking With A Ghost Halloween PlaylistMonster Mash is not on this list.

Anytime I help plan a party, I always end up doing the playlist. I don’t have the widest or most discerning musical knowledge, but I like to put in the effort to create a vibe everyone will like. Some like to plug in their iPhone at the last minute and press shuffle, but I maintain that a well thought out list can take a gathering to the next level. For example, if I’m making a list for a dance party with attendees from the ages of 25-35, I always include “No Diggity” by Blackstreet or “This Is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan. Everybody freaks out and joins the dance floor. Great bonding ensues. Nostalgia is a powerful weapon. [Read more…]

The Best Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever

The best gluten free chocolate chip cookies everI’m no expert baker. This isn’t even a food blog. But when you’ve managed to bake the best gluten free chocolate chip cookies you’ve ever tasted, you share it with the world.

Gluten free baking is hard. Mostly because the whole point of gluten is to hold stuff together so it’s not dry and crumbly. Then why would I–the non baker–attempt such a feat? Three factors motivated me to pull off this recipe. 1. My husband is gluten sensitive to some degree and didn’t eat it for two years. 2. Chocolate chip cookies are my holy grail of baked goods. 3. I’m fascinated by the idea of “cookie science”–the factors in a recipe that make a cookie flat, browned, gooey, etc. After a bit of research, I adapted a recipe from America’s Test Kitchen and this is the result. The cookies taste as good as they look: perfectly chewy, not crumbly, and no weird after-taste. Gluten free? No way to tell. [Read more…]

The #MothersOffDuty Philosophy

The #MothersOffDuty Philosphy This is my fourth time leaving the house without my kid since his birth 8 weeks ago. It’s the second trip that’s not to Target and the first trip with both makeup and nice hair. In this moment I feel triumphant. Victorious. Although that could be the 8 oz mocha talking (my first in a year and I’m cracked out). Anyway, making myself look “good” is just not a daily priority for me right now. I need to stick to the tried and true so I can throw something together and know I look presentable without my usual over-analysis in the mirror. I need a uniform. My friend Sarah and I met up for a coffee and blog-brainstorming date. Afterwards, she came up with the hashtag #mothersoffduty to describe our excursion into the real world without our kids. It’s the perfect phrase to describe my uniform fixation as well as my refreshed plan for Style Logical. The philosophy is this: simplify things–because ain’t nobody got time fo dat. [Read more…]

Fall Shopping: Fantasy vs. Reality

fall shopping

Join me briefly for a superficial indulgence. Shopping! If you visit THE SHOP link at the top right of this blog, you’ll see the items I’m digging at the moment. Black. White. Laidback jeans. Fringe. Perfect fall sweaters. To be honest, I’m trying to load up on button-down shirts so I can conveniently nurse my son… but hopefully this fantasy shopping cart will be next on the list. So tell me, what are you yearning for this fall and what’s actually in your shopping cart?

Life With A Baby.

I’ve gone back and forth for over a month about what I want to say in this post. The purpose is simple, and it’s mostly to inform. Hey guys! I was pregnant, and then I didn’t post for a while, and now I have this awesome new baby. There is so much to say because my whole world has changed. I can’t whittle it all down to one concisely packaged story–all I can offer are sporadic thoughts and reflections on that last 6+ weeks. [Read more…]

Fringe: A Trend On The Borderline


One funky fall trend I’m weirdly digging this year is fringe. And I don’t mean hippie boho fringe. I’m talking glam, sexy fringe. A little less Woodstock, a little more Studio 54. It’s a fine line.

It’s important to keep other details simple (like print and cut) and  go with black, white, or maybe a gold. Browns almost always read thrift shop / Coachella queen. I guess there isn’t anything wrong with that, but I’m more interested in a sleeker way to do fringe in fall. But who cares what I think. No matter what, just be prepared to shake it like a Polaroid picture. Because it would be wrong NOT to when you’re booty is draped in tassels.