The Best Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever

The best gluten free chocolate chip cookies everI’m no expert baker. This isn’t even a food blog. But when you’ve managed to bake the best gluten free chocolate chip cookies you’ve ever tasted, you share it with the world.

Gluten free baking is hard. Mostly because the whole point of gluten is to hold stuff together so it’s not dry and crumbly. Then why would I–the non baker–attempt such a feat? Three factors motivated me to pull off this recipe. 1. My husband is gluten sensitive to some degree and didn’t eat it for two years. 2. Chocolate chip cookies are my holy grail of baked goods. 3. I’m fascinated by the idea of “cookie science”–the factors in a recipe that make a cookie flat, browned, gooey, etc. After a bit of research, I adapted a recipe from America’s Test Kitchen and this is the result. The cookies taste as good as they look: perfectly chewy, not crumbly, and no weird after-taste. Gluten free? No way to tell. [Read more...]

The #MothersOffDuty Philosophy

The #MothersOffDuty Philosphy This is my fourth time leaving the house without my kid since his birth 8 weeks ago. It’s the second trip that’s not to Target and the first trip with both makeup and nice hair. In this moment I feel triumphant. Victorious. Although that could be the 8 oz mocha talking (my first in a year and I’m cracked out). Anyway, making myself look “good” is just not a daily priority for me right now. I need to stick to the tried and true so I can throw something together and know I look presentable without my usual over-analysis in the mirror. I need a uniform. My friend Sarah and I met up for a coffee and blog-brainstorming date. Afterwards, she came up with the hashtag #mothersoffduty to describe our excursion into the real world without our kids. It’s the perfect phrase to describe my uniform fixation as well as my refreshed plan for Style Logical. The philosophy is this: simplify things–because ain’t nobody got time fo dat. [Read more...]

Fall Shopping: Fantasy vs. Reality

fall shopping

Join me briefly for a superficial indulgence. Shopping! If you visit THE SHOP link at the top right of this blog, you’ll see the items I’m digging at the moment. Black. White. Laidback jeans. Fringe. Perfect fall sweaters. To be honest, I’m trying to load up on button-down shirts so I can conveniently nurse my son… but hopefully this fantasy shopping cart will be next on the list. So tell me, what are you yearning for this fall and what’s actually in your shopping cart?

Life With A Baby.

I’ve gone back and forth for over a month about what I want to say in this post. The purpose is simple, and it’s mostly to inform. Hey guys! I was pregnant, and then I didn’t post for a while, and now I have this awesome new baby. There is so much to say because my whole world has changed. I can’t whittle it all down to one concisely packaged story–all I can offer are sporadic thoughts and reflections on that last 6+ weeks. [Read more...]

Fringe: A Trend On The Borderline


One funky fall trend I’m weirdly digging this year is fringe. And I don’t mean hippie boho fringe. I’m talking glam, sexy fringe. A little less Woodstock, a little more Studio 54. It’s a fine line.

It’s important to keep other details simple (like print and cut) and  go with black, white, or maybe a gold. Browns almost always read thrift shop / Coachella queen. I guess there isn’t anything wrong with that, but I’m more interested in a sleeker way to do fringe in fall. But who cares what I think. No matter what, just be prepared to shake it like a Polaroid picture. Because it would be wrong NOT to when you’re booty is draped in tassels.

Fall Hair: Best In Show

fallhairSeptember: fashion shows, new clothes, and new hair. If you’re an overachiever and you’d like to get all of those things knocked out at once– then I might see you at Bellevue Fashion Week this year. I’ll be attending SEVEN the salon’s annual Illuminessence hair show Sunday, September 28. I’m excited to take a break from my usual affinity for the practical and take in the pure glamour and creativity of the show.

THE SHOW | Illuminessence by SEVEN. Sunday, September 28, 7 p.m. Hyatt Regency Bellevue. The culminating show of Bellevue Fashion Week, Illuminessence will feature cutting edge hair by SEVEN salon and clothes from up-and-coming local designers. Tickets on sale via Brown Paper Tickets.

Staying true to my need for practicality, I spoke with Jaclyn Beith, SEVEN the salon’s Creative Team Leader about fall hair trends this time around. Here’s the breakdown:


DARKER | “Fall trends usually fall into patterns of going darker, adding more warmth to hair color and/or changing up the hairstyle. I think the great part about this fall is there really isn’t one huge trend,” said Jaclyn. “I’m a fan of that because it has our clients looking like individuals, as opposed to all looking the same.”

THE LOB | While Jaclyn notes that hair is all about individuality right now, some trends do take hold. “One of the more popular haircuts right now is the “lob” which is a long version of the traditional “bob.” It’s been around for a little bit but it’s still really popular. It’s a great length for those who have longer hair, want a change, but don’t want to go super short. It’s a fresh new take on a more traditional haircut.”

COLOR | The sky’s the limit. “Balayage is huge right now because of its low commitment and natural results. Also if you’re a color lover, you can pretty much pick whatever fashion color you love most,” said Jaclyn. “Pinks reds, blues, greens…you name it, you can sport it.”

PRODUCT | For those who color their hair, Jaclyn is loving SEVEN’s COLOR Shampoo and Conditioner. “It has avocado oil, antioxidants and a Chromaveil technology to reduce fading of your hair color. Perfect for preserving your new fall color,” Jaclyn said.

LAST WORDS | Me: Ombre is the hairstyle that will never die. What can be said about its longevity? Jaclyn: “Ombre and balayage are cousins in the color world. In my opinion, the “ombre” look of being too blonde on the ends is trending out and is being replaced with bolder colors. I don’t think the ombre style and/or balayage are going anywhere anytime soon. We’re in for the long haul.”

Maternity Photos, Pregnancy Side Effects, and The Final Stretch | 38 Weeks

Maternity photos, pregnancy side effects, and the final stretch | 38 weeks pregnant on Style Logical

Today I’m 38 weeks pregnant (2 more weeks until baby’s due date!) and I haven’t posted on the blog in two months. Why? Because pregnant. All I can think about right now is baby stuff. Baby shopping, cleaning, nesting, researching random chemicals and sleep practices and blah blah blah. Fashion, what? Style, what? And since this isn’t a baby blog, I’ve neglected it. However, I thought it would be nice to journal and share some of my random thoughts as D-Day (delivery day) draws near! [Read more...]

Backyard Baby Shower for Lady Go Lightly

Backyard pink and yellow baby shower for spring and summer | via Style Logical

Baby showers, just like any party these days, can become all kinds of tacky. From cakes in the shape of pregnant bellies to overly complicated themes, simple is best. Why not forgo the Pinterest fails and opt for something a little more neutral and natural for you next party? This is a baby shower I co-hosted with a friend (I confess, I took a backseat on this one–my girl Mena rocked it out!) for my pal Sarah of Lady Go Lightly. Just about every element of this shower can serve as a foundation for any party, whether it’s a bridal shower, wedding, or birthday celebration. Classy. [Read more...]

Bump Logical | 29 Weeks Pregnant

Bump logical: my maternity style

Before I go any further, I never officially announced that we’re having a BOY! We found out 9 weeks ago, which tells you how much of a slacker I am. I take that back. More likely I’m way too laid-back. We are so excited for our little guy to get here in 11 or so weeks (due date is August 22), but we haven’t started shopping for him yet (besides a few gifts from family here and there), haven’t started the nursery, and little guy has no name. However, I do have a plan. I always have a plan. I organize all my to-dos on my Trello project board, I’ve been reading up on childbirth, researching the best and safest products for baby like mattresses that don’t contain flame retardant chemicals, and I realize that we’ll learn everything else we need to know along the way. I have a luxury that parents before me never had… Google and YouTube. [Read more...]

Outfit Inspiration: The Beach

Outfit inspiration: the beach


When I had a subscription to In Style magazine, every month I’d flip to the Instant Style section, where they feature outfit inspiration based on a theme. I decided it’s much more fun to create my own looks, and for my first installment, we’re headed to… THE BEACH.

My vision for this beach vacation has a slight tropical flair. I started with my favorite basics (black, white, and tan) and then mixed it up with a vibrant lipstick and two prints: leaf and leopard. I figure those two elements occur in nature together, so it works. Whatever you’re naturally inclined to, essential ingredients for the beach are as follows: bathing suit, sandals, hat, sunglasses, beach cover-up. And don’t forget your sunscreen! In my fictional beach bag, I’m packing a to do list so I can plan my life while lazing in the sand. Organizing my brain relaxes me.

1. Nars Lipstick Schiap, $26. / 2. Leith Floppy Straw Hat, $28. / 3. Quay Kitty Shades, $40. / 4. J. Crew High-Shine Wide Cuff, $66. / 5. Tavik Swimwear Bianca Triangle Bikini Top, $55.96. / 6. Asos Leaf Print Bow Side Bikini Bottom, $26.68. / 7. MICHAEL Michael Kors Broderie Anglaise Cotton-voille Maxi Dress, $122.50. / 8. Seychelles Brand New Sandal in Leopard from Modcloth, $69.99. / 9. Design Darling Sugar Paper Kraft To Do List, $13.

Graphic by Alexis Sargent